February 22, 2020


This month, Tractor reaches a milestone: our 20th year as a creative force building award-winning experiences online and in the world. 

When we founded Tractor in February 2000, the outlook for online business growth could not have been brighter. Then, within weeks, the Dot Com crash happened, wiping out countless startups and putting the entire industry at risk overnight. We survived by being scrappy and focusing on client needs. The only way forward is through innovation, dedication, and by delivering on promises. When the economy rebounded, we were in an ideal position to do it all: design websites, build brands, create apps, and produce content. Technology and society are changing faster than ever. Staying current keeps us young.  

Today, I’d like to thank our incredible clients across the globe. It’s a privilege to help find solutions to your creative needs. You inspire and challenge us every day. Also, a huge round of applause to the many talented people who’ve been part of the Tractor team these past two decades. Each of you played a part in getting us here. The unique skills, the creativity, the late-night laughter, the moments of brilliance. We’re grateful for it all.

We’re so proud of everything Tractor has accomplished. And looking forward to the next twenty years, we promise to keep doing what we do best: empowering clients to have the most outstanding creative possible.  

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Our goal as a company is to reach a new kind of consumer. It’s about standing out in an era of unprecedented choice, and creating a dialogue instead of just making noise.