Spin Better Stories

July 25, 2010

It may seem counterintuitive, but in motorsports races can be won or lost in the pits. Deciding when to take a pit stop, how much fuel to put-in, how many tires to change, and how quickly this can all be accomplished is part of a complicated strategy based on many variables. Gaining or losing time in the pits can be the difference between winning and losing the race. But, when watching a race, much of this strategy is lost on viewers, and it’s up to Sportscasters to quickly access this pit-strategy data and frame understandable stories about how it is affecting a team’s chance of winning or losing the race.

Car Chief is a data visualization tool Tractor created for Sportvision that tracks a race team’s pit performance from the current race (and historically) and delivers real-time, sortable data to the guys in the booth. Before Car Chief, this info came in the form of paper reports that were slow and sometimes inaccurate. With Car Chief, Sportscaster get exactly the info they need and want, so that they can tell more accurate, engaging, and compelling stories.

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