Tools for Remote Work and Disturbed Teams

May 29, 2020

Our team at Tractor has been disturbed before the COVID epidemic. To help all the recent people WFH, we wanted to share some of our favorite tools. We’ll do out best to update this post as services come online.

Gsuite – Our go-to source for Cloud-based Documents and Spreadsheets lets you and your co-workers do live collaborations on the same document or spreadsheet.

Slack – Our communication tool of choice for internal and Client communication. Slack can easily be augmented with other add-ons from other services.

Figma – is a great tool we use for collaborative design. Other options include Invision and Sketch.

Software Donation – is a directory of SaaS products offering free or discounted plans for companies and organizations affected by COVID. 

Steve Huber

Steve is the founder and CEO of Tractor Studios.

Our goal as a company is to reach a new kind of consumer. It's about standing out in an era of unprecedented choice, and creating a dialogue instead of just making noise.