Live from the cockpit

November 11, 2010

Many ultimate NASCAR fans dream of taking the wheel, few ever do. That’s why we created RaceView. It’s the first ever live 3D-rendered view from the cockpit complete with a dashboard of customizable widgets so the user is able to get a wealth of info beyond what they see on the TV broadcast.

Our friends at Sportvision have implanted every NASCAR vehicle with a black box including a military-grade GPS that tracks exact car positions within 4cm, and collects tons of other data such as speed, acceleration, deceleration, RPM, throttle percentage, and brakes. They turned to us to breathe life into those numbers, and the result is RaceView. Fans can choose to follow their favorite drivers, view races from multiple angles, and listen to live driver and team audio as well as the broadcast commentary. At a glance, you can see track position, get head-to-head comparisons of any two drivers’ current telemetry data, and track emerging position battles within the race. If you miss a race or want to revisit a special victory, the app features on-demand functionality to access the full, interactive RaceView experience, after the race is complete.

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