ReLISTO is a San Francisco real estate brokerage that leverages technology to better lease property, place tenants, and support landlords with online tools and services

Finding a place to live in the Bay Area is a challenge, no matter what tax bracket you’re in. In addition to a market that moves with lightning-fast speed, there’s a seemingly endless list of apps and online tools competing for every consumer.

Cutting through the noise

ReLISTO wanted to solve the problem of how to connect apartment owners directly with long-term renters. We architected an entire platform from the ground up, taking care to make back-end usage seamless, so that the listings would always be completely up-to-date. The interface was designed to be smartphone-friendly, so that prospective renters can always find full listing details and view interior photos when they encounter properties out in the world. A native messaging system allows renters to communicate directly with owners. And ReLISTO’s utility continues even after a tenant moves in, with a secure payment system that gives users the option to pay rent through the site.

“Tractor took a very complex set of requirements and with minimal oversight built a  very beautiful, user-friendly tool utilized by thousands of  San Francisco residents each year.”

Eric Baird

Managing Director, Co-founder


Since launching the site, ReLISTO has been a leading force in San Francisco’s rental market, winning accolades from both landlords and renters, with listed properties bringing in over $13 million per year in rental income.