Designing a creative collaboration platform

Sony: Media Cloud Services

How does an entertainment behemoth like Sony find a solution to its tech needs?

By building its own, of course. Making a movie is monumental collaborative effort. Filming, editing, special effects, and marketing may be happening simultaneously, at far-flung locations across the globe. Sony was uniquely suited to understanding the complex challenges facing the entertainment industry. They built a cloud computing platform that would offer secure high-speed file transfer, transcoding, storage, streaming and archiving. But they needed help to create an interface that would make their production workflow solution universally accessible.

That’s where we came in. It was on us to develop the user experience and visual design in a way that’s useful and feels intuitive for production studios, broadcasters, and marketing teams. First-time users needed to be able to navigate the system and use the tools without extensive training. Our team’s familiarity with film production gave us the edge in designing an interface that made sense to users all over the world.

Now directors, editors, producers, and graphics teams can collaborate on any part of a project, from rough cut to theatrical release. Within twelve months of launch, Sony Media Cloud Services had been used on major motion pictures, television series, trailers, pilots, independent productions, news, and even the Winter Games in Sochi.

My experiences with Tractor have always been nothing less than stellar. From concept through project completion they consistently deliver the best possible work product with focus and precision. I have truly enjoyed working with this team and look forward to more projects in the future

Jason Brams

Vice President, Innovation and Advanced Solutions, Sony Pictures