SF SPCA – San Francisco’s beloved animal welfare agency – has a proud history of public service. When the agency realized that rescue and outreach efforts were being hampered by outdated online strategies, they contacted us to bolster their digital presence.

As animal lovers, we were thrilled to help.

Our first task was to completely redesign the SF SPCA’s website. Few visitors realized the extent of SPCA services. We reworked the site and the UI to merge function with information, highlighting services including pet adoption, veterinary care, shelter options for animals in need, obedience classes, political advocacy, and education to enhance the human-animal bond.

An important part of finding homes for animals in need is making sure the site accurately reflects the dogs and cats currently in the shelters. Each animal was given an individual profile page highlighting their personality traits and history to make it easy for humans considering pet adoption to find the perfect match.

We even set up a Puppycam and a Kittencam to showcase pets waiting to be rescued. (Don’t click yet, you’ll get sidetracked.) Once we finished the website, we overhauled SF SPCA’s social feeds, delivering delightfully sharable animal awesomeness to thousands of followers daily.

Established in 1868, the good samaritans at SF SPCA have been protecting animals for over a century and a half now, including founding the No-Kill movement, an international success story which has saved millions of animal lives.