You Gotta See This.


Berkeley-based company OpenROV made a splash, literally, with Trident, a next-generation drone that goes where few have gone before: underwater.

Made with a combination of precision engineering and rugged hardware, this drone is more than a toy. It’s designed to descend to a 100-meter maximum depth for up to three hours, while sending back 1080p live video. Trident has explored shipwrecks, coral reefs, and observed marine creatures rarely seen by human eyes. It’s a powerful tool for classrooms, eco-adventurers, videographers with a love for the deep blue sea, and anyone with a desire to add to our knowledge about the hidden world of the oceans.

OpenROV is a company with a mission. They seek to empower citizen scientists to explore and record underwater environments, so we can be better stewards of the oceans that play a vital part in our planet’s survival.

To spread their message, they teamed up with us to help design their company website. So we created eye-catching visual and intuitive UX designs in order to do just that.

“Tractor team helped us rebuild our website in a short timeline. We had some interesting eCommerce and UX challenges that they helped us to overcome. We were really impressed at the speed they moved and how much they were able to be productive given less-than-ideal circumstances. I would highly recommend them and would like to work with them again.”Zack Johnson, Product Manager

The site sparks interest in professionals and amateurs with a mixture of dazzling imagery, hardware specs, user testimonials, and a streamlined online store. Because when your product is about seeing the world in an easy and intuitive way, your site should reflect it.

“We were really impressed at the speed [Tractor] moved and how much they were able to be productive given less-than-ideal circumstances.”

Zack Johnson

Product Manager