Social Sentiment Made Profitable


Boston Consulting Group (BSG) needed help to design and build an app for State Street Corporation, an American financial services company.

The proposed app, named Wisecrowd, would automatically monitor social networks, using intelligent social listening algorithms to pick out news and trends that might influence financial markets. Wisecrowd needed to be able to quickly alert investors about breaking news that could impact their portfolios, as well as offer industry standard banking tools like allowing users to access accounts. BSG reached out to our team to help with the interface and implementation of their ideas.

Due to a compressed timeline, designing and building this app was a true challenge. Wisecrowd is a tool for clients who make million dollar trades. It needs to be secure, accurate, and easy to use. A dashboard gives access to trends, portfolios, and news updates, but the true standout feature is Sentiments, which tracks real world concerns as they happen by listening to social media networks. For example, rumors of an upcoming labor action in a foreign harbor might affect shipping worldwide. Trending topics are presented to allow users to get a quick overview, and then dig more deeply into the issues that they care about. The result is an app with a clean, modern interface that helps users stay on top of the facts to make smarter financial decisions.

Social listening to give stock and commodities traders and extra edge